Baylor Scott and White Hospice

Baylor Scott and White Hospice is actively seeking caring and compassionate volunteers to visit and offer companionship to hospice patients in Travis County. Hospice patients are in the final stages of their lives, and regular visits from volunteers provide support and comfort. Having someone to talk to, sharing stories or even providing a quiet presence […]

Hospice Austin

As a volunteer, you are a
treasured member of the Hospice Austin team. Whether you elect to visit
patients, share a specific talent or assist a program that interests you, they
welcome your support.

Hospice Austin volunteers share their calling to bring comfort and help to others when they need it the most. Volunteers bring companionship to patients and […]

A*Med Hospice

Hospice patients are in dire need of friendly visitors to help brighten their day. All you have to do is share your free time and interests with them. Play a game, watch television, play music, or just talk. Your time is what is most important to them.
Volunteering with a hospice program can be challenging, but […]

A*Med Hospice

Hospice was designed to aid those at the end of their life through the dying process with compassion and service. A*Med Community Hospice is seeking volunteers to work with our patients and their families at this incredible time in their life.
The simple gift of your time and talents can make an eternal difference in the […]